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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd said last Tuesday that it has shipped more than 200,000 5G base stations worldwide, putting it in a leading role with other global vendors in the superfast technology despite all the restrictions it faces from the United States. 华为技术有限公司上周二表示,尽管面临来自美国的种种限制,但是该公司已经在全球范围内供货20多万个5G基站,在5G超高速网络技术领域,华为仍牢牢占据全球供应商领头羊地位。 William Xu, Huawei's director of the board and president of the institute of strategic research, said that the company has had more than 200,000 5G base stations in shipment, which marked a steady step forward compared with its earlier announcement of 150,000 base stations in late June. 华为董事会董事兼战略研究所所长徐文伟表示,华为公司已经有超过20万个5G基站交付使用,与6月底宣布的15万个基站相比,标志着该公司的稳步前进。 Xu also noted that the firm has secured over 50 commercial contracts for 5G with carriers globally, among which 28 contracts are from Europe, 11 from the Middle East, six from the Asia-Pacific region, four from the Americas, and one from Africa. 徐文伟还指出,华为公司已经与全球运营商签订了50多份5G商业合同,其中28份来自欧洲,11份来自中东,6份来自亚太地区,4份来自美洲,1份来自非洲。

Even though he did not disclose the exact total number, the figure is overwhelming compared with that of major telecom equipment makers. 尽管他没有透露确切的总数,但与其他主要电信设备制造商相比,这一数字是绝对领先的。 Finland's Nokia said in July that it has obtained 45 commercial orders while the latest public data showed that Swedish telecom manufacturer Ericsson has got 24. 芬兰诺基亚公司今年7月表示,已获得45个商业订单,而最新的公开数据显示,瑞典电信制造商爱立信获得了24个订单。 Industry insiders said the move again shows unaffected confidence among foreign telecom companies and consumers and also demonstrates Huawei's leading prowess in 5G despite US restrictions. 业内人士表示,此举再次显示出外国电信公司和消费者信心未受影响,也表明尽管受到美国限制,华为在5G领域依然拥有强大的领先实力。